Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

Sylvia Savala
2018 October “Cakes and Daggers: Heartache and Emancipation”, Fresno City College Art Space Gallery
2003 May  "My Sublime Struggles."
2000 April "Past and Present"  Arte Americas  Fresno, Ca.
1997 October “Paintings and Etchings" by Sylvia Savala
1998 February  Offices of Councilman Henry Parea
1996 October  “Secretos y Otras Obras” Fresno City Hall
1992 June “La Femenina Sensual”  Centro Bellas Artes - Fresno, Ca.
1989 October “Dos Mujeres y Otras Obras”  The Galeria Civic Center Square - Fresno, Ca.

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